a course on the history of radical women 1914 – 1979 starting on 27 February 2018

A course on the history of radical women 1914 – 1979 at the Working Class Movement Library, Salford, starting on 27 February 2018

I am  delighted to be presenting this course again at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford,   which has a rich archive on women’s  history in the C19th and C20th.

This is a  10 week course which  will begin on Tuesday 27 February  2018  and run from  11am to 1pm. It  will introduce course members to  some of the key movements and events which shaped and changed women’s lives in the twentieth century.

The course  will include the following:

  • Women’s anti-war movements in the First World War
  • Women Councillors in Manchester  in  the 1920s eg Hannah Mitchell
  • The first women MPs such as  Ellen Wilkinson who was born in Manchester
  • Women’s unemployed marches in the 1930s
  • Women volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
  • The Women’s Parliaments held during  the Second World War
  • The work of  Joan Littlewood and  Shelagh Delaney, writer of A Taste of Honey
  • The emergence of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the late 1960s

No prior knowledge is necessary to enrol on the course which costs £60 (free to people on JSA or Universal Credit).

I have been researching and writing about radical women  for many years.  I have  an MA in the History of the Manchester Region, and  am the author of a number of books, including “Up Then Brave Women”: Manchester’s Radical Women 1819-1918.

Update: I am sorry but this course is now full. If you would like to go on my mailing list for future events and courses please contact me, Michael Herbert  : redflagwalks@gmail.com





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