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I have started  this blog to publicise my work  as a freelance historian and consultant. I have been  researching and writing  about radical, socialist  and labour history for many years.  My published work includes Never Counted Out!, a biography of Len Johnson, the Manchester boxer and Communist; The Wearing of the Green, a political history of the Irish in Manchester; “Up Then Brave Women”: Manchester’s Radical  Women 1819-1918:  Doctor Who and the Communist, a pamphlet on the television writing of Malcolm Hulke; and “For the sake of the women who are to come after” Manchester’s radical women 1914-1945.   For more information on my books  and other publications,  please go here.

I am an active member of the Mary Quaile Club which organises regular events on working class history and the links with today’s society.


Michael Herbert 2From time to time I lead history walks around the city centre in Manchester: the subjects include  Votes for Women, the Irish in Manchester,  Black Radicals in Manchester and Marx and Engels in Manchester.

This is a clip from a walk I did with Maxine Peake and Miranda Sawyer for the BBC programme The  Culture Show a couple of years ago. In addition to my programme of walks I am happy to provide a walk by commission,  and have done for so for a variety of organisations,  including a number of trade unions.

I am available to act as a historical consultant and  can be contacted by email: redflagwalks@gmail.com

For better or worse I am on Twitter @mjherbert


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