My writings on the Women’s Liberation movement

Women : the Struggle for Freedom” by Sheila Rowbotham, published in Black Dwarf 10th  January 1969


Documents from British Feminism 2 : The Socialist-Feminist current


Nurses on the march 1968-1970: Sister Patricia Veal and the United Nurses’ Assocation


“ Revolutions are made about little things”: Socialist Women and International Women’s Day, 1908 to 1979


…through minor actions, through more group discussions, through more reading and  learning we are all becoming militants” Shrew: a Women’s Liberation newsletter 1969-1978


“We challenge whatever and  whoever denies the right of women to be free”: Red Rag: a journal of Women’s Liberation and Socialism, 1972 to 1980


articles from Red Rag about women  on strike 1972-1974


“Sisterhood is our defence against oppression, and as such part of our revolutionary consciousness”: Scarlet Women, a socialist feminist newsletter 1976 to 1981.


 “We believe that a total perspective of Women’s  Liberation is impossible without a total revolutionary perspective”: Socialist  Woman  journal  1969-1978


” We are no longer prepared to accept the passive role imposed on us” The Miss World  protest,  November 1969 


“We’re not ugly, we’re not beautiful, we’re angry”  the Miss World protest, November 1970


“It should be an action workshop”: Women’s Liberation Workshop and the nightcleaners campaign 1970-1973


“The excitement of discovering what it meant to be a woman”: The 1st Women’s Liberation conference, February 1970


“Free Our Sisters, free ourselves”: the 1st Women’s Liberation march, 8th March 1971


Women workers occupation of Sexton’s shoe factory  in Fakenham –   spring 1972  


“To stand firmly with kindmess, firmly with compassion” : Pat Sturdy and the Women’s Industrial Union in Burnley, 1971-1972